Monday, July 24, 2017

Three Things that Make Us Smile

~ Moriah saying "seriously" - ever since she started saying this word somewhere along the line in her toddler/preschooler years, we've loved the way she says it with her own special mispronunciation and inflection  :) - I had to capture it before she learns to pronounce it correctly!
~ and Josiah demonstrating a "dance" he learned during his week away at Speech Camp - it involves laying a sword and sheath on the ground and dancing over and around them - very Scottish, I suppose!  ;-) - a kilt would have been more fitting to wear, but since this performance of his was right after we got home from one of his swimming lessons this past week, a swimming suit will have to do  :)
~ and Benjamin!  He just makes us all happy, whether he's singing or talking or pointing to his nose.  :)  We especially think it's fun that when he sings (as he so often does), it sounds a lot like "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star!"  We didn't teach him that; where did he learn it from?  :)
As you can see, he does pretty well with nose, tongue, hair, etc.  But that ol' ear!  Why does it have to be so hard to find?  No matter how hard Benjamin pushes on his eyes, they never turn into his ears!!  ;-)

Well, it won't be long until he gets it right; and when he does, we'll be glad we made this little video to capture the time when he couldn't remember where his ears are!  ;-)

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