Thursday, July 6, 2017

Recognizing the Treasure

Some nights--like tonight--the treasure is having the time and energy to do all the dishes and make the kitchen nice and neat before going to bed.  Ah, what a good feeling.

Some nights--like last night--the treasure is staying up late on the couch with a son, talking about everything and everyone until you're practically falling asleep sitting up, but knowing that this time together is speaking LOVE loud and clear to one of your very dearest ones...and he doesn't care that the dishes aren't done.

Sometimes, the treasure is taking the time to write a long, detailed blog post with plenty of pictures to record a special event--or an ordinary day--in the life of your family.

Sometimes, the treasure is just LIVING the days.  No blog needed.

Sometimes, the treasure is the satisfaction of doing the job yourself, especially the bringing-order-out-of-chaos job that is such a big, fulfilling part of being a mom.

Sometimes, the treasure is telling the kids, "I'm going to Grandpa's for a while; and while I'm gone, I want you to see how much of this mess you can get cleaned up."--then walking in the door half an hour later and seeing that a transformation has taken place, all without you.

By nature, I tend to notice and put more value on some of those treasures than others, but I'm trying to keep my eyes wide open more often so that I can see all sizes and shapes of treasures...even when they come packaged differently--or are delivered at different times!--than I'm expecting!  ;-)

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