Sunday, July 2, 2017

I Still Have a Koala

This year, like last year, we were invited to go with some friends to watch the fireworks at the local country club; and it was a very fun evening, culminating, of course, with an incredible display of beauty and splendor as fireworks lit up the sky for quite a long time. All of us loved it.

Except Benjamin.

He wasn't yet a year old last year when we watched fireworks, and I remember how I sat under a tree with him and held him in my arms, shielding his ears as much as I could.  This year, I was curious how he would respond to the noise and bright lights; and I guessed that he would either cry loudly (necessitating a quick departure from the fireworks area) or cling tightly to me.

He clung.

While the rest of my kids sat with friends and oohed and aahed as they looked up in the sky, my beloved little Benjamin still played the part of the koala: holding onto me with all of his strength.  When the noise first began, he cried briefly, then stopped.  Occasionally he would turn his head to look at the fireworks, but then would quickly turn away again.  I held him, and he held me.

The year will come when I won't have a little one holding onto me for dear life as the brilliant lights flash and the gigantic noises boom, but I'm not in a hurry for that.  Having my little koala in my arms tonight was a sweet part of the festivities; and if he's still inclined to act that way next year as we celebrate Independence Day, I won't mind a bit.  He'll grow up--and away--soon enough!

Before it grew dark enough for the fireworks, we enjoyed a relaxing evening, snacking and playing games and chatting.  Good times.  :)

Tonight I'm grateful for generous friends, a safe evening of fireworks, the creativity of whoever invented them, and a baby toddler who still loves to snuggle.  :)

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