Thursday, May 19, 2016

We Got to See Two of the Puppies!!

Yesterday as we traveled north on an adventure (blog post coming soon-ish about that!), I had a spur-of-the-moment thought to check with our friend Jane who had taken two of the puppies and see if we could stop by her house to see the puppies on our way home.  When I texted her, she graciously agreed; but I didn't tell the kids anything about it.  All day, the thought of that surprise on the way home gave me an extra dose of excitement about our outing.

The kids were puzzled when I exited the highway and meandered through some beautiful country roads, eventually pulling into someone's driveway.  "Where are we?  What are we doing here?  Do we know these people?" were some of their questions.  And then, when they finally figured out whose house it was, how great their joy!!!  :)

It was fun and sweet and wonderful and fabulous to see Finn (formerly Oliver) and Chara (formerly Redemptress, or Dimples for short).  The puppies have grown so much, are so beautiful/handsome, and are benefiting tremendously from the love and care and training they're receiving from Jane and her family.  It was an absolute treat to get to see them again!

 Tobin and Josiah were particularly glad to get to see again the puppies they had named at birth (although we were all overjoyed as well).  :)  It was extra special for Josiah because he had not been at home the night Jane came for Chara (he was at choir practice), so this was an especially meaningful reunion for him.  :)

In a day that was full of delights, seeing the puppies again, thanks to Jane's spontaneous hospitality, was at the top of the heap!!  :)

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Emily said...

They have gotten so much bigger but are still just as cute!