Tuesday, May 31, 2016

I Had My Portrait Made by a Famous Artist

Well...ummmm...she's not exactly famous.  

Yet.  ;-)

But she did make a portrait of me.  Never mind that it was a temporary one on the dry erase board.  :)
She included all the important details: a smile from ear to ear (errr, make that eye to eye), capable hands with LOTS of fingers, little baby Benjamin on my arm (completely accurate to put him on my left arm since that's the one I use to hold him 99% of the time), my name carefully written above me to identify who the figure in the portrait is (not that there could be any doubt because of how closely it resembles me), all done in vibrant colors.  Moriah even started to write Benjamin's name; she knew it started with "B" and then added an "O," presumably because the second letter of her own name is "O" as is the second letter of "Mom."  So Benjamin became "BO" and then she gave up.  Oh well, whatever.  Close enough.  :)
I'll tell you what's true: I would rather have my portrait drawn by my own sweet little girlie, using orange and pink markers on a whiteboard, than have it painted by the best portrait painter on finest canvas to be hung in the presidential portrait gallery.
Because this portrait, this grinning face, this gift all declare in unmistakable tones, "I LOVE YOU, MOM!!"  I'll take that any day.  :)

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Carol Slater said...

You are beautiful and your daughter has showcased that beauty!