Wednesday, September 21, 2016

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday {SVCC Retreat, Last Saturday}

Such a fun day!!

 For some of the day, I had all the kids with me, so occasionally I had to take pictures of my pre-SVCC children, addition to all the pictures I was taking of the choirs.  :)

 Sharon is a dear, dear lady; and when she bent down to talk to Benjamin, he grabbed hold of her and would not let go.  He was loving all the attention from her!!  :)

 While the choristers were inside the auditorium doing/watching skits, I had to take Benjamin out because he decided he needed to try out his voice then, too.  ;-)  I didn't get to photograph the skits, but I did get to photograph the boy!  ;-)

My three favorite choristers!  :)

We sure do love the SVCC!  :)

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