Thursday, September 1, 2016

A Funny Thing Happened Last Saturday

Last Saturday, we went to one of my favorite places on earth, Riven Rock; and as a bonus, we got to go with some friends.
 The kids--13 total, I believe--had a blast playing in the river and climbing on the rocks...
 ...and the adults had a blast sitting back, relaxing, and watching them.  A win-win situation.  :)
 I didn't take many pictures, just a few quick snaps with my cell phone; but that's enough to document in blurry pixels, for example, that Shav (wearing the green shirt below) was brave enough to climb up on this tall rock he's never been on before.  :)

In the middle of the fun, exciting, hey-mom-look-at-me moments came an occurrence that cracked me up big time.  Moriah needed to go to the bathroom, so I took her to the outhouse there in the park.  That particular outhouse is never particularly pleasant, but it was particularly UNpleasant on this day, so I was hurrying Moriah along--NOT a particularly easy task, by the way, for a girl in a wet swimming suit who has to struggle to get it down and then up and put arms in the right holes and so forth.  Guys have it so much easier.  ;-)

As we were finally ready to make our hasty exit from the outhouse, Moriah was chattering away, and I was only half listening...until she remarked about the automatic flusher.

Indeed, it did sound like the sound of running water; but everyone knows there's no flush mechanism--automatic or not--in an outhouse.

What Moriah didn't realize--but I did, much to my amusement--is that the thin walls of the outhouse, although sufficient to prevent sight, did nothing to diminish hearing; and the "automatic flusher" that she heard was actually a gentleman relieving himself in the men's part of the outhouse, directly adjacent to the women's part!!!

Oh, dear me, I could barely control myself as I fought the urge to just hoot and holler about her mistaken impression of the refinements of that bathroom.  Automatic flusher indeed!!!  :)

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