Tuesday, June 20, 2017

David, the Entertainer

These days, David helps me out in a HUGE way.  How?  By entertaining his littlest brother so I can...oh, you know...actually get something done that requires two arms.  :)  When Benjamin is extra-clingy with me and I am not able to pause everything and be clung to, David is the one I turn to.  

When I ask, "David, could you please watch Benjamin for a little while?", David grins and says yes, and then usually scoops up Benjamin and heads outside, much to Benjamin's delight.  The joy they get from each other overflows into my heart as I see them together.  I am so grateful for the sweet bond they have!

This evening after supper, David was in charge of Benjamin; and when I walked into the garage after weeding the blueberry bed, I discovered them in the minivan.  It wasn't on, of course, but Benjamin was having a blast, being a big boy as he sat in the front passenger seat with a real seat belt on.  

"Take a picture!" David said, so I grabbed my camera and started snapping, using the flash because of the dim light in the garage and thus capturing Benjamin's attention as he saw bright lights.

 The picture below makes me laugh.  :)

 Sometimes time seems to be rushing by so fast that I'm half-afraid I'll walk into the garage next week and find that David really is old enough to be driving the car, and Benjamin really is old enough to be sitting in the front seat.  On days when I grow weary of my role as taxi-driver for the various activities my kids are involved in, I look forward with anticipation to the stage of life when big brothers can give rides to little ones.
But when I'm honest with my heart, I know that I don't want that stage to come too quickly.  So for now, I'm quite content to have David only give pretend rides to his baby brother!  ;-)

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Emily said...

So sweet! I can't believe how big David is getting! Well all your kids really. They were just babies when I started reading! And I don't think Shav was even born yet - or if he was he was tiny. I've loved watching your kids grow up. You have such an amazing family.